BeatFace is an app that makes ridiculously funny faces

BeatFace aims to make it really easy and fun to make amusing upbeat selfie videos with your smartphone.

First impression, the app looks minimalistic and easy to use. It’s great that it goes straight to the point of the app.

Here are some of the features that the app promise to do. The app takes its video from either your front or back camera. So if you are doing a selfie, then you will use the front. And if you doing for friend, then you use the back camera. It’s simple.

When the app starts, it immediately shows you the result of the ‘beat face’ effect with some music video which you can change by swiping. You can also swipe up and down to change the filters. The filters are simple color tones and an artistic filter that does the trick. Perhaps more filters will make it more interesting, and hopefully it will be the case in future updates.

BeatFace is published by Audish, the same developer that made Fusic app on iOS and iPad.

Download link here

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