Beerpreneurs makes breweries discovery easy

Beerpreneurs is a curated directory of breweries all around the world. 

If you are a person who enjoys a good pint of beer, then perhaps you might want to check out Beerpreneurs for all things beer. 

I really find it useful especially when you are traveling and you want to discover interesting places to get a good pint of beer and meet other passionate people who are interested in the same subject matter. 

Here is what Ataman Girisken, maker for Beerpreneurs shared on his Product Hunt page:

As a beer maker and drinker, I decided to create directory that includes breweries all around the world. So that myself and other craft beer lovers can discover breweries in their city or add places to their next trip. For now, we have over 350 breweries yet it is growing each day. You can also request listing, write reviews or bookmark places. So grab a beer and checkout some amazing breweries!

Summary points:

  1. It covers 21 regions with over 350 breweries 
  2. It includes address, rating, price range, tips and photos
  3. Each region consists of breweries with the highest ratings gathered from Foursquare. 

To find out more about Beerpreneurs, just visit their website at 


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