Brain Journey attempts to train your brain with games on the smart phone

First impression after using the app for the first time, it’s actually pretty nice.

The mini games in the app are designed to address different things that you can improve such as memory, strategic thinking, math skills, attention and others.

If you level up in each of the mini games, those games will get harder and harder, with the idea that will help you improve in those areas. Some looks fun and some looks rather tedious. But if you like the challenge these mini games are for you.

Another important thing to consider for this app, it’s that the app is actually very freemium. It’s essentially free to download and try out, but the premium part of it is actually quite expensive for a mobile app. Unless you can see it as a service in the form of a mobile app, then you might think it’s ridiculously overprice for being just an app. However, if you see it as a bigger form of a service, or you really like these kind of apps, then the investment or the price will justify for itself.

Brain Journey is developed by Memorado, the same developer that made apps like Memorado Brain Training app and also WordWise app, both apps are available on iOS and iPad.

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