Capsule is an app that remembers everywhere you have been

Capsule is an app that aims to remember all the places you have been to, so that you will never forget too good times that happen there. The app also provides features such as keeping your best moments and snap photos in those entries.

In terms of privacy, you have to be really comfortable letting all your location data to sit in the cloud and hoping that their servers are secure at all times. If that isn’t an issue for you, then the app is brilliant in terms of helping you to log all the places you have been to, and let you remember the places you like and the good memories there.

Capsule also has features like timeline, store great photos based on those locations, search function so you could remember the places you have been last week, and a dashboard on everything you have done.

Capsule is developed by Snips, with developers or markers, Quentin Zibra and Colas Kerkhove according to ProductHunt.

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