Clipisode helps influencers to make video shows with fans

Clipisode lets you make videos with your fans.

If you ever wonder how does a talk show in a box works, then check out the new app Clipisode to find out how. 

Essentially, this is an exciting new app that tries to make it really easy for you to engage with your audience through recording your own talk show. The mobile app makes it really easy, and it’s like having a talk show production team in the size of your pocket. 

Generating video and audio content is getting really popular. We have seen Anchor, a similar app that is designed for podcasters to create content on the fly. Clipisode could be the platform for creating video content that might just be right fit for content creators. 

Quickstart with Clipisode:

Step 1: Record your video using Clipisode app. 

Step 2: Generate link to video and share on social media. 

Step 3: Engage with viewers from the public or private link. 

Here is what Brian Alvey, the founder of Clipisode say on its Product Hunt page:

Clipisode is the easiest way to make quick, great-looking video shows with your fans.

Dozens of companies have tried this before — including Facebook — and all of them failed. We’ve unlocked some unfair advantages. People don’t need to download an app to reply. They don’t have to join a new social network. And it’s not live, so your fans can look up answers and do re-takes before replying.

It’s easy to use. Share a link to your intro video on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch or Instagram — and people send you video replies without leaving those apps. You keep the best replies, drag them into the perfect order and add an ending. It’s your show. You get the last word. Clipisode combines all of this into a single great-looking video with animated overlays featuring your guests’ names like they’re on a TV talk show.

Your fans want to help you win. Your fans want to be included in what you do. And your fans want recognition. When you include them in shareable video shows, they become an army of marketers — helping you sell more products, generate tons of buzz and recruit even more fans. — Brian Alvey

To find out more about Clipisode, just check out the following link to visit their website.

To download the Clipisode iOS app, 

To download the Clipisode Android app,
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