Effortless App helps you beat procrastination on your Mac

If you are one of the many people who gets easily distracted when trying to stay focus, then there are plenty of apps that tries to help you stay focus. Effortless is a new app that tries to help you beat procrastination by helping you track time of the tasks you have to do. 

The unique part of the app is its minimalistic approach where all you need to do is just type the task name then the number of minutes that you intend to do the task. On the menu bar, you will see the task name appear immediately with its time counter begins to countdown.  

Effortless is a mac app that helps you Stay focused

Here is what the developer shared on its Product Hunt page. 

Hi Everyone,

I’m very easily distracted a habitual phone checker and struggle with my ability to focus. So my co-founder and I decided to make a simple app that shows me all the time in the menu bar the task I’m working on and a timer. I feel that by seeing the task all the time its harder for me to get sidetracked, and the timer creates an artificial constraint that allows me to stay focused.  I hope you find it useful, I really would love to know your opinion

Summary points:

  1. Minimalistic app that sits on your menu bar 
  2. Easy to insert your tasks or to-dos by just writing 
  3. Another great way to try out if it works for you 
  4. Developed by the same people who created SelfMonk 

To download, just visit their site for instructions 


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