Hardbound helps you visualize and summarize news stories

According to the CEO and co-founder of Hardbound, sharing the details on ProductHunt,

“When we first launched Hardbound two months ago, we knew we wanted to expand the kinds of stories that were on our app as quickly as possible. It’s hard to get a lot of use out of an app that only has new content once a week. So this update introduces our second “channel” into Hardbound, and it’s called The Nightcap.”

“The Nightcap is a quick, visual summary of the most important / interesting events that happen every day. I was interested in working on this because I’ve always felt like reading the news was kind of boring, and found it really hard to stay on top of what’s happening. So The Nightcap is kind of like our regular weekly stories in that it seeks to really help you understand the news, and therefore make it much more interesting. We don’t do original reporting (yet) but for now we just try to create a more succinct and satisfying explanation of the headlines that are already out there each day.”

Hardbound is developed by Hardbound Inc. and can be found on the AppStore in the news category.

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