Plower makes “Apple like” airdrops using the browser on any device is a browser based file sharing made easy.

One of the great benefits of using Apple iOS devices is that you can use airdrops to share files and content across iOS devices. It’s really simple to use and the only thing that is not great is that it only works with Apple products and doesn’t play well with others e.g. Android, Windows, etc. 

Well, if you would want to try similar airdrop capabilities across different platforms and devices, you might want to try out Plover. 

Here is what the maker of Plover, Tyler Han shared on his Product Hunt page on how his service is better than iOS :

.. because you can send it to anything thats not a iPhone/mac/iPad! I usually run into problems trying to Airdrop friends with Android phones (also Airdrop is a bit slow from my experience).

Also I tried to make it more intuitive than Airdrop as well, I usually have to explain Airdrop to my friends who have never used it before. (You need to fiddle with your phone’s settings (bluetooth, wifi, etc). With this, all you need to do is tell your friend to go on

Summary points:

  1. Get iOS airdrop features without iOS 
  2. It works on multi-platforms e.g. android and iOS included 
  3. A great way to share files and content cross devices 

To find out more about Plover, just visit their website at

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