Polymail Calendar lets you instantly schedule meeting over email

With the new Polymail Calendar app, you can schedule meetings instantly over email. 

If you are one of the many people who depends on your calendar for meetings and scheduling, then this app really helps in streamlining the process, while eliminating repetitive and tedious tasks such as double booking issues, checking for availability and more. 

Here is what Brandon Foo, co-founder of Polymail shared on his Product Hunt page:

We’re super excited to announce our newest feature – Polymail Calendar! Polymail Calendar eliminates the tedious back-and-forth of scheduling meetings over email by making it easy for anyone to book meetings with you instantly.

By creating a Polymail Calendar page, you can quickly share your available meeting times and allow people to schedule a meeting in one click. It syncs with your calendars in real time to know when you’re available, so you’ll never have to worry about double bookings!

With Polymail Calendar, you can now book more meetings with prospects, clients, and customers – 

To find out more about Polymail Calendar, just visit their website at 


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