Popular chat platform Intercom has an all new Intercom Messenger

Meet the all-new Intercom Messenger – the only Business Messenger built for more than just chat. Accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle with a new customizable home screen, a growing library of Messenger apps, and a truly extensible platform. 

For website and business owners, this would serve as a great add-on if you are looking tot increase your effectiveness in customer feedback and lead generation. 

Here is what Matt Hodges, marketing at Intercom shared on its Product Hunt page:

Today we launched the all-new Intercom Messenger. And it’s incredible.

We’ve reimagined what a Business Messenger should be, going beyond just chat and opening up a platform that helps businesses accelerate growth across the entire customer lifecycle – acquisition, engagement, and support.

Summary points:

  1. Customizable home screen: Like the perfect front desk for your website or app – create tailored experiences for leads and customers when they open the Messenger. 
  1. Messenger apps: Complete actions in the Messenger seamlessly with a growing library of apps for Stripe, Statuspage, Shopify, Google Meet, Aircall, Product Hunt and more.
  1. Extensible platform: Create your own Messenger apps to suit your unique workflows – and enable entirely new ones.

To find out more about Intercom Messenger, check out their website at 



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