PublBox provides unique tools for business and bloggers

PublBox is an automated scheduling service with the set of tools to organize, automate and design the content across all major social networks.

If you are a social media influencer or a business that needs to manage social media presence, then PublBox gives you the edge in getting things done in a productive and efficient way. 

Here is what Alexander Stefanovic, CEO of PublBox shared on his Product Hunt page:

I’m one of the Co-Founders and CEO of the PublBox. Thank you @davidroberts for hunting us! I am thrilled to share with you everything we’ve been working so hard with our team. We’ve built a social media marketing platform for business and individual entrepreneurs that helps plan, design, automate and spread creative content across all major social networks.

Nowadays, social media has become not only a key part of the modern lifestyle, but a useful marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. So whether you’re a small business, big enterprise or an influencer, by using social networks you can connect and communicate with your audiences in better ways. However, we realized that managing social networks or creating a content is not that easy.

It’s very time consuming, requires a lot of human resources as social media marketing experts, designers and it’s quite expensive. So what if you don’t have those resources at your disposal? What if you don’t have time to search for the right app to design your post? What if you don’t have enough knowledge about social media marketing at all?

So we wanted to create a platform, unlike any on the market. A place where you can accomplish all of your social media goals by using one platform only. 

Summary points:

  1. Engaging Posts – professional ready to send posts specifically designed to create community engagement(including text for the post and the graphics itself);
  2. Design Editor – content library of thousands ready-made covers, avatars and images that you can edit with ease;
  3. Content Strategist – create a plan of your own content strategy or let our service to help you with one to fit your needs; 
  4. Post Advisor – perfect ideas generator tailored to your social media needs;
  5. Facebook Tabs – six designed Facebook tabs to create contest, giveaways and many more.

To find out more about PublBox, visit their website at

To download PublBox iOS app, just visit the following link

To download PublBox Android app, just visit the following link

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