Sprightly is Microsoft’s app for instant video and collage editor

First impression using the app for the first time, is the app is simplistic and does the job. While the features are limited but the templates are decent.

You can create from different templates that the app provides. The usual steps, attaching your image, inserting or editing the text and then save it. The finish step will also automatically insert a watermark from sprightly and there seems be no way to remove it. If you really want to remove the watermark, then you have to save it to your camera roll, and then crop it manually to remove the bottom part that has the watermark.

Overall, this is a pleasant surprise from Microsoft to come out with mini apps such as these. There are plenty of other options out there if you want to create really impressive instant video or collages. But since this is from Microsoft, we thought it will be nice to take a closer look and see how it fares with the competition out there.

Sprightly is developed by Microsoft that has also developed mobile apps for their suites of products such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and others.



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