This is a fun way to share how Starbucks spell your name

Ever wonder how will a Starbucks barista spell your name?

This website helps you to discover exactly what happens when mistakes are made. And let’s be honest, it happens quite a lot for some people. 

I really find this an amusing app that tries to entertain while it attempts to troll Starbucks for fun. For example, when I type the name Darren and it generates the word ‘Damon’ instead. Funny. 

This is what the founder shared on his Product Hunt page: 

I started the site just by using all the photos of my cups, which ended up being mostly J names with two syllables like Jessie, Jason, Jeffrey, etc. The site still works similarly, looking for a similar number of syllables and first letter. Any feedback appreciated!

To find out more about the app, check out the website at: 

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