Uber has just redesigned 40 new features for its driver app

Uber has redesigned with 40 new features for its driver app. 

A lot of drivers depend on the app to get new passengers request and that’s generally how they will get jobs and then get paid. 

Essentially, the app helps to streamline a lot of the issues faced by drivers. For example, sit on the top, now has the real-time earnings tracker that helps the driver view instantly how much they are earning for the day. You can also easily view the status bar to see the market conditions and opportunities nearby. 

Details from Product Hunt website 

Uber’s new Driver App adds 40 new features to the experience, including a status bar with real-time market conditions, quests, an earnings tracker, and notifications where you can view feedback and compliments from your passengers.

To find out more about the new Uber driver app, just visit their official blog post on their website website at


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